• Florida Family Law Attorneys

    At the Law Offices of David Sharp in Clearwater, Florida, we represent fathers and husbands in a wide range of family law matters, including divorce, custody, support, and domestic violence. Our skilled staff can provide you with exceptional service based on extensive experience both in and out of court, while offering knowledgeable advice about repercussions or possible outcomes of decisions you may make.

  • Committed to Helping You!

    With every case, we work steadfastly on your behalf to deliver practical and efficient solutions, and are committed to reaching your legal goals. We thoroughly understand the difficult process of divorce and its ensuing issues, but are confident in our ability to help, by working to ensure fair financial treatment and see that your custody issues are resolved favorably.

  • Representing a Father’s Voice

    According to traditional conventions, the mother acts as caregiver for the children and the father serves as the provider. But, of course conventions don’t always apply. Fortunately, Florida law recognizes this and makes a calculation on the appropriate amount each parent should contribute to a child’s upbringing based on various factors including each parent’s take home pay as well as making adjustments for variances in child custody.

  • Timesharing…With Kids

    In an ideal world, the best option for a child is to be raised by both parents. However, we live in the real world, and sometimes that means we end our relationship with the other parent, and then have to agree about how to raise a child. In the emotional turbulence of breakups and divorces, agreeing with the other parent about even the smallest detail can be incredibly difficult, and heartbreaking arguments can erupt.